Meet the team who bring our Lancastrian Spirit to life...


Christopher joined us as Commercial Manager in 2024 and has spent the last 13 years in various roles within the whisky industry, including Commercial roles, field sales & retail. He brings a wealth of specialist whisky merchandising, branding, sales and corporate expertise. 

His passion for whisky and expertise grew during his time managing whisky shops. Where he lead whisky tasting events and built extensive knowledge of global whiskies.

His academic foundation from Lincoln University, coupled with his extensive industry experience, equips Christopher to drive and develop LSCo’s business, launch new products, and lead the company towards whisky excellence. His strategic vision and leadership are set to make a significant impact at LSCo.

Joan - Distillery Production

Joan is a seasoned distillery professional with a first class background in crafting premium spirits, emphasising meticulous quality control and innovation.

With extensive experience responsible for production of whisky, gins and vodkas at large distilleries, Joan has excelled in overseeing complex processes, including using specialised stills and managing all aspects of production from fermentation, distillation and cask management.

Joan's dedication to excellence and continuous improvement in distilling techniques makes him an important asset in LSCo's drive for superb spirits.

This is the man who ensures that every drop of our spirits is exceptional.


Will, a Masters graduate from Lancaster University, joined Lancaster Brewery in 2005 and is the technical brilliance underpinning every one of the brewery's products.

Encompassing all areas of production - he is responsible for the recipes and the hands-on brewing of all our products. As well as being responsible for the training of his production team, he also takes care of quality control procedures and ensuring that Lancaster Brewery complies with and maintains its SALSA standard.

An established expert in his field, Will ensures that every drop of beer leaving the brewery hits his own exacting standards.


Sean is one of our skilled brewers at Lancaster Brewery. A dedicated team member since 2016, he began his journey with us as a Brewing Assistant. His exceptional technical skills and unwavering diligence quickly became apparent, allowing him to advance within the company. He is an integral part in the brewery's operations, playing a crucial role in recipe development, maintaining exceptional standards and the frequent installation of new plant and machinery.

Sean's commitment to his craft is further exemplified by his successful completion of the General Certificate in Brewing from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD).

Yasmin - Marketing Coordinator

Yasmin is the Marketing Coordinator for Lancaster Spirit Company and Lancaster Brewery’s pubs. Her creative flair means she excels in producing our websites, brochures and signage. Her skills as a photographer help us showcase our products in the best possible way.

Previously a Photographic Stylist at Aspire Photography, Yasmin collaborated with top photographers in the UK and internationally, designing and styling photoshoots for professional training sessions, including in Venice. She was also a named stylist for the Mall Galleries in London. Yasmin holds diplomas in Art and Design and Business Administration.

Gemma - Senior Manager

Gemma is the powerhouse Senior Manager at Lancaster Brewery Holdings, juggling all venue operations with finesse.

Moonlighting as Project Manager for Lancaster Spirits Company, she’s playing a big role by helping to wrangle the back office, website, logistics, and marketing into shape. She took the General Certificate in Distilling (IBD) and was a mentee in 2023’s Our Whisky Foundation Mentor Programme as part of the distillery build.

With seventeen years under her belt at Lancaster Brewery, Gemma climbed from part-time bar staff to top brass. An alumna of Lancaster Girls' Grammar School and Lancaster University, she’s proof that hard work (and maybe a few beers) pay off. Her savvy and no-nonsense style keeps company gears turning smoothly.

Phil - Managing Director

Phil Simpson is the Managing Director of Lancaster Brewery Holdings and Lancaster Spirits Company.

As one of the founding directors in 2001, he has guided the company's evolution from managing licensed premises to expanding into hotels, brewing, and most recently, distilling. With over two decades of industry experience, Phil's leadership has been instrumental in the company's growth and diversification.

Under his stewardship, Lancaster Brewery Holdings has become synonymous with quality and innovation, while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability and community engagement.