True Lancastrian Spirit

English single
malt whisky


Spirits crafted from borehole to bottle under one roof in Lancaster...
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The Distillery

The True Spirit of Lancashire

Welcome to Lancaster Spirits Company, where we toil and graft to make exceptional spirits, from grain to glass, no matter the challenge.

Nestled between the sea and the glorious Trough of Bowland, in the North West of England, our distillery is a testament to dedication and passion for our craft.

The Lancaster Spirits Company, marries years of brewing expertise with the art of distillation to create unparalleled spirits.


We begin by making a wash: a high gravity wort made from freshly milled grains. Using a unique blend of brewery and distilling yeasts, our fermentation is slow and designed to release a myriad of subtle flavours. Our experienced team then carefully distils the wort over an unusually lengthy period of time to produce the finished spirit. Each sip tells a story of our commitment to quality and innovation. Our methods are slow, labour intensive and designed for maximum quality.

What sets us apart is our relentless pursuit of excellence. Drawing water from an ancient aquifer via our Bowland Well, creating exceptional flavour by milling our own malt and an array of solar panels powering our operations, quality and sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

The Lancaster Spirits Company – where every drop is a testament to our unwavering dedication to craft and community.


Whether it's our single malt whisky, or our gin or vodkas - we make every bottle the same way. No corners cut, no compromises made.

Cheers to the spirit of Lancashire!


Lancastrian spirit

We brew, distil, polish and condition our spirits from grain to glass before filling and labelling each bottle by hand.

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LSCo at Lancaster Brewery, Lancaster Leisure Park, Wyresdale Rd, Lancaster, LA1 3LA

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