From grain to glass

Our entire process is considered, meticulously planned and time consuming. We patiently take every step at the right moment, never rushing to cut corners. Our skilled brewing team at our sister company, Lancaster Brewery, start with our three main ingredients, malt, water and yeast.


The pure, soft water, drawn from The Bowland Well, is essential to our process. It provides unparalleled yet consistent quality and character to our spirits.


The malt we select is crucial in shaping the whisky's flavour profile, influencing its aroma, taste, and overall drinking experience.

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We combine a live 200-year-old Lancastrian brewing yeast with specialised distilling yeasts to facilitate an exceptionally slow fermentation.

Born & Brewed

Lancaster Brewery has been brewing beer in Lancaster since 2005 and our current production site has been called home since 2011. The skilled team run an incredibly tight ship and were forerunners in gaining a Salsa Accreditation, which they have held nearly a decade.

Under the experienced guidance of Will, the Head Brewer, the brewing team introduce water and malt into the mash tun. Here, is where starch in the malt is converted into sugars, creating a liquid known as "wort". This is essential for our yeast to works its magic a little later in the process.

Add in the

Live Yeast

The sugary wort is transferred to a large fermentation vessel and the brewing team add a bespoke mix of our own strain of brewing yeast and distilling yeast. Both these yeast work in together to convert the sugars to alcohol.

120+ hours


The wort and yeasts are given plenty of time to ferment. We wait for at least 120 hours before the wash is finally ready to be handed over to our distilling team.

True Lancastrian Spirit

From Borehole to Barrel

Our newly constructed Whisky Room sees our gleaming 3000L still, Constance, take centre stage. She sits alongside bespoke racking where our select casks will soon be taking their resting places over the coming months.

The Art of


Once the water, yeast, and malt are combined in the brewhouse, the distillation process can begin.

Our copper pot stills, reminiscent of traditional Scottish designs, are pivotal in shaping the whisky’s final character. Copper’s catalytic properties help remove unwanted sulfur compounds, resulting in a smoother, more refined spirit.

Our distillation process is a blend of art and science, requiring careful control and a deep understanding of the intricate interactions between the ingredients

And now we wait...


Once filled, the casks take their place to rest in the Whisky Room. Our distillery team keep a watchful eye throughout the maturation period as the wood and Lancaster's climate make their marks on the spirit within.


All our spirits are bottled on site by hand. We then label and sign each one.

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