From the start the goal has been uncompromising - to create the finest spirits possible. No corners or expense have been cut to achieve this end. We assiduously handcraft our whiskies, gins and vodkas from premium grains, using our 200-year-old yeast, impeccably sourced botanicals and Trough of Bowland water. The only way to fully command quality is to distill from grain to glass.

1. Mashed

An experienced brewery team utilises decades of craft ale brewing know-how to create superb high gravity worts from our single infusion mashtun. Working closely with the technical team at Crisp Malts we have tailored innovative grain bills to perfectly complement whisky and white spirits. Grist combinations of malted barley, wheat and rye grains include heritage strains and rarely used winter varietals, to be steeped in pure Trough of Bowland water drawn from our own artesian well. The same 200-year-old yeast strain we used for craft beers is also used to ferment our spirits washes. Over the space of 18 months, dozens of mashbills were tirelessly tested to produce the perfect unique, complex washes for our whisky and white spirits. The yeast that creates those heady washes is unique to us and takes 100 hours to complete each fermentation

Meet the Brewers

2. Distilled

When a painstaking 100 hours fermentation is complete, our trained stillhouse team take over and the new wash is introduced to our glorious steam-heated 500-litre copper still, Rose.The first gentle wash run concentrates the spirit into Low Wines at approx. 30ABV (alcohol by volume).

For gins, the spirit is distilled with up to 17 impeccably sourced botanicals, macerated overnight in Rose’s kettle. Most craft gins are actually made entirely from industrially produced grain neutral spirit, but our base spirit is hand-made here in Lancaster using premium grade grains. The same care has been taken over selection of our botanicals and the result is a gin that no tonic can overwhelm.

Our English grain vodka uses wheat and rye with a total of THREE distillation through the 20 rectification plates on Rose’s imposing reflux column to produce a wonderful clear, pure spirit. Our vodka is a tongue-coating smooth liquor with just a nuance of wild grass and pepper on the finish. The perfect Martini vodka.

Meet the Distillers
3. Bottled

We bottle in-house on a four spout machine. It's all hands on deck with 5-6 people needed. Blink and you'll miss us - we can fill 400 bottles in about twenty minutes at top speed!

4. Labelled

Each bottle is sealed and labelled by hand, quality-checked and then individually signed and numbered.

5. Shelved

Firecracker gin and triple distilled vodka bottles are available to visitors to the popular on-site Tap & Still bar, trade customers and the general public through stores or online. 


Our Firecracker Gin makes a bold and boisterous G&T poured over ice with a premium tonic and a slice of lime.

We love our English Grain Vodka long, over ice with a fiery ginger beer.