Raspberry & Rose Gin 50cl

Raspberry & Rose Gin 50cl

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We hand craft natural essences of raspberries and rose petals before balancing the delicate flavours with our base spirit. 

The resulting gin is a beautiful subtle pink colour with hints of apple fresh rose on the nose with a hint of raspberry creeping in at the end.

No sugary sweet flavours needed to disguise artificial ingredients as we don’t use any!



Few pointers on your "Firecracker Gin". Firstly I now know why you call it "Firecracker". I normally drink Gordons or Bombay and this is something quite different. Masses of flavour and the junipers don't hide at all. Secondly, congratulations on your award. I fully understand why you won it. Lastly, I LOVE the fact that you're clearly proud and passionate about the fabled country of Lancashire. Keep the Red Rose flying.


Blew my mind! "Gunpowder" would be a better description. Fantastic stuff, no more boring gin for me.


Hi, just a short note to say how much I enjoyed your new gin. It was incredibly tasty and powerful stuff. The range of flavours was intense and they even managed to cut through my G&T with tons of tonic. The amazing thing about your gin is that you don't need lots of it in a G&T to taste the lovely flavours. Well done!


I love your bottle. My father collects old beer bottles and he was delighted when I showed him your story of where you got your inspiration for your new spirits. He actually has an old Yates & Jackson beer bottle and the similarities are obvious. I've bought him a bottle of your gin and vodka for Christmas and I can't wait to see his face.


My wife left Clitheroe twenty years ago to move with me to Kent. She remains a proud Lancastrian. We purchased a bottle of your English Grains Vodka two weeks ago and have to say it was delicious. So good, in fact, that we both serve it neat with two pieces of ice, for guests as an aperitif. Absolutely no harshness, no medicinal flavours, the faintest hint of sweetness in the background and (we think) maybe some pepper (is that the rye?). It is really rather excellent.


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