Meet the team who created, crafted & concocted each drop of spirit...


Rob spends his day coaxing Rose to deliver sophisticated spirits. He completes 10 distillation runs a week plus water treatment and filtering, our custom proofing and storage methods. He proudly signs and dates each bottle by hand too

consultant distiller

Gerard's world renowned distilling knowledge and his keen olfactory skills are essential in fulfilling our grain to glass ethos.

The key player

Rose, our imposing copper still, is the reason we're all here. She works her magic and helps us create our smooth yet unique spirits.

The Finishing Touch

Our bespoke bottle is based on an old Lancastrian brewery vessel. Hefty and chunky it definitely takes after its beer roots. You'll find the Lancashire rose hiding underneath too. Why not reuse your bottle when it's empty - it makes for a beautiful candle holder!