Christmas at The Lancaster Spirits Company

Our first ever Christmas and we're a hive of activity. 

We launched in Autumn 2022 and we weren't fully ready. We had to quickly get up to speed with new labels, new bottles, marketing, branding, production and the other 1000 elements of any new drinks business. 

Over the past 10 weeks we've launched our 50cl bottles, created new labels for forthcoming drinks, set up our new website, begun our Lancaster whisky journey, planned our gin & vodka tours and set up a range of marketing projects. 

In addition we managed to get planning permission for our new extension which will house our finished product and give us space to store our whisky casks, it will also give us extra production capacity. Now we wait for construction quotes and financing...

In early 2023 we will have new products coming on stream. Different gins, vodkas and other developments. All created without using syrups or simple additives, all utilising our wonderful base spirit. 

We also have "The Tours". These will begin in January 2023 and will offer people the chance to taste, sample, explore and learn about our range of spirits. We are adding a few surprises and it will be an interesting and extremely fun way of learning about how quality spirits are made. 

So a thousand things swirling around, really this should have all been happening twelve months ago but creating something for which we can all be extremely proud, takes time and (seemingly) endless patience. 

2022 was a frustrating but ultimately productive year, 2023 promises to be hectic and fast moving with a thousand new stories to tell...

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